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Need for Counselling:

Before we try to understand what is counseling, let us first convince ourselves whether there is a NEED for counselling, and if so, by whom and under what circumstances.

It is true that the concept of counselling is a comparatively new one -- in India one generation ago, the word was mostly unheard of. It is also true that lifestyles have changed considerably in the past few decades, and there is much more pressure to perform, greater competition, and higher levels of stress. There is a change in thought trends whereby people have become more ambitious and achievement has become the yardstick for acceptance.

The nuclear family with both husband and wife working has brought in a new culture where every member comes home feeling pent up, tense, and wanting to pour out, but no one has the time to listen. This is a typical family where everyone is stressed and there is no one available for a vent. Hence there is a consciousness that there should be some people who would take the time to listen to others and share their ups and downs.

It is said that round the globe more people go to bed hungry for a kind word, than the number of people who end the day hungry for food. Irrespective of whether we are rich or poor, young or old, highly competent or mediocre - we all need someone who is willing to listen. The question that arises is, who would be that someone, what should be his qualifications, and what qualities should he possess to make him fill this need?

Relationships are a very meaningful part of our lives, and can bring us a great deal of happiness and fulfilment. Strong connections with our loved ones, friends and work colleagues allow us to be at our healthiest and most productive, and for many these relationships offer an important source of advice, guidance, love and support.

However, fulfilling and supportive relationships don’t come automatically, and they require good social skills and a great deal of time and energy to stay strong and go the distance. Sometimes meaningful connections break down, which can leave people feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of what to do. In some cases our relationships may not be fulfilling our expectations, which can impact our happiness and life satisfaction. On the other hand, some people may crave close friendships and/or romantic relationships but find them very difficult to come by.

Whatever the relationship issue, there is help available in the form of relationship counselling. In this setting a counselor/specialist will work with couples or individuals to explore their needs and what they want from their relationships, while offering support and advice to help them get their relationship(s) back on track.