About Healing Hands

About Healing Hands

Healing Hands is dedicated to the behavioural, emotional and mental growth for individuals, couples, children, teens, families, actors and Corporates for the advancement of their personal growth through education, intervention and guidance.

Going by the philosophy of positive psychology where I believe therapy is not about focusing on weakness, but it is about helping people find and apply their strengths.

In simplest terms, mental health can be defined as "Peace within yourself, and harmony with others"

If an individual can truthfully affirm that he is at peace within himself (i.e. he is not confused, depressed, restless, guilty, scared, and in control of his emotions), he has passed the first test. If he can also have the satisfaction that he is living with good relationship and harmony with the important people in his life, he is truly blessed with good mental health. Absence of mental illness is not by itself an indicator of good mental health.

Total health = Sound body + sound mind i.e. physical + mental health + (Spiritual).

While most individuals are quite conscious of their physical health, and go to great pains to preserve and upgrade it, many also take care of their spiritual health through religious practices, meditation, belief and commitment to the higher self. On the other hand, mental health is often a neglected area, primarily because of lack of understanding, and many myths surrounding this vital factor of life.

Need for Counselling

The Counselor today, more than ever has a very important role in improving the quality of life. Knowledge of counselling and human dynamics is necessary for parents to understand their children, spouses for a greater harmony between each other, employers to get more efficient work output from their employees, teachers to facilitate their students grow into more accomplished adults, and for anyone who wishes to improve his understanding of fellow human beings, and build better relationships.

It is said that around the globe more people go to bed hungry for a kind word, than the number of people who end the day hungry for food. Irrespective of whether we are rich or poor, young or old, highly competent or mediocre - we all need someone who is willing to listen.